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What is your username? Kailum


What is your Discord name and tag? kailum#0184


Why do you want to be a Helper? I applied for Helper here because the server is in development and will be in need of a moderation team when it gets released. I've been searching for another moderation opportunity so I can leave my present Moderator position on Minehut as I've been just about done moderating there. This server will be managed by a much more chill Administration team as oppose to the Minehut higher-ups. I'm looking to be staff on a team managed by people I could actually trust and this seems like the place that fits that. Filr is someone I've always trusted and was the last higher up on the Minehut staff team that I saw as someone who listened and that tried to be unbiased.


What's your favorite game on Slarex? As I am making this, I am unsure because I did not get to beta test for the server yet.


If you were an Admin, what would you do and why? I am not looking for an Administrator position on the server, but if I was an Admin I'd try to see if I can help with staff management for the server because it's always been something I've done well at. However, that role already looks filled as it appears that's being managed by filr, but that goes into the second thing I'd do as an Admin. I would try not to fill other people's roles without their permission (you know who I'm talking about) because that's just wrong and I don't think I need to explain myself. If another Admin was tasked with a role, then obviously they were given it for a reason and I should respect that.


What is your timezone? Eastern Standard Time (EST).


How much time can you dedicate to Slarex per week? If I get accepted, with my extra time I'll have because of leaving Minehut I should be able to dedicate up to 3 hours a day on the server each week.


What is your age? I am 17 years of age.


Do you have any previous punishments on Slarex? I have no previous punishments on Slarex.


Do you have a working microphone? Yes, I have a working microphone for use if you need to speak with me in voice calls.


What languages can you speak? I am very fluent in the English language and can speak some French but I am very good at reading French as oppose to speaking it.

Have you applied before? If so, please provide a link to the previous application. I have not, this is my first application for the server.


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